Sunday, August 28, 2011

[BeritaGaming] Minecraft Beta 1.8 sudah diketahui

Baru-baru ini Notch memberitahu pengguna tentang ciri dalam Minecraft beta 1.8

Ciri-cirinya (dalam bahasa inggeris) [diambil dari:]

Known as the "Adventure Update", meant to flesh out the game a bit and make exploration and combat more rewarding.[1][2] Note that this is not Adventure Mode.[3][4]
Fixes and Changes:
  • Shift+Click on items will work correctly.[5]
  • Labels for items will be added.[6]
  • Redstone circuits not working after /time set x glitch going to be fixed in SMP.[7]
  • User placed leaf blocks won't decay.[8]
  • Clouds won't go through buildings anymore.[9][10]
  • Rain and snow will now render faster.[11]
  • Cloud movement syncs with the time.[12]
  • Ghast attack sounds will be fixed in SMP.[13]
  • Skeletons now hold full-size bows.[14] (found at 7:00)
    • Skeletons' arrows originate from about their eyes to the bow, instead of above the head
Graphics / UI / Audio:
  • New improved lighting — day/night cycles will not require chunk updates.[77] Lighting will be updated via a texture, whose coordinates are the block's sky light and block light levels.[78]
  • Warmer light from torches.[79]
  • Moonlight is blue.[12]
  • New texture for Moss Stone.[80]
  • Sliders for field of view and gamma in video options.[81][82][83]
  • Redesigned HUD, including two new features, food and experience bars.[84]
    • Killing a mob gives you tiny flashing Experience Orbs that add to your experience.[12] (around 19:35)
  • New launcher.[85][86]
    • Possibly a web Applet launcher.[87]
  • A lot of new sounds and some changes, such as minecart sounds and shear sounds, also a change in the sound of rain.[88][89]
  • New particle effects.[91]
    • Performing a critical hit on any mob will cause 'sparks' to fly.[12] (around 4:45 in)
    • Explosion particles are now shockwaves instead of smoke.(about 21:54 in)
  • The ability to see the world seed when pressing F3.[92]
  • A new main menu background.[12] (around 2:10 minutes in)
  • The version in the main menu will be in the lower left, instead of the current upper left.[12] (around 2:10 minutes in)
  • Multiplayer server list.[93][94]
  • Improved server join screen: The server join screen will feature a list of servers.[95]
  • Player List - Press tab in multiplayer and player list comes up.[96]
  • The ability to allow moderators to enter creative mode in SMP.[97]
  • Modding Support.[49]
    • Including easier changing of the max level (map) height.[98]

Ini adalah video tentang "update" tersebut.


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